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Shanghai Longji Precision Industry Co., Ltd is a fast growing company located in Shanghai, China. Since the first day we establishes, we have been engaged in developing and producing special rubber products. We focused on providing high performance viton rubber products for automotive, mechanical, chemical and other industry. After more than 10years' development, Shanghai Longji have become a leading supplier in the line of viton tubing, viton sheet, Viton cord, viton O ring , Viton ring and other viton parts.
Supply high performance viton rubber products to meet customers' special and individual requirement.
Developing new compounding and processing technical, support rigorous demand of different industries for FKM rubber products.
Reducing customers' cost for using viton hose, viton sheet and viton seal.
We have cooperated with many customers around the world, our products have been widely used for fuel and biodiesel transportation.
And many equipments which have our vtion parts have been worked in many rigorous situation like high temperature, Ozone and heavy corrosion.Through many years' cooperation with customers, they all feel satisfied to our products and service.