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Name£º FEP tubing/ FEP cord

Name£º FEP Tubing

Product Name: FEP tubing/ FEPhose/ FEP cord

Material: 100% newFEP
Working Temperature: -160-- 280¡æ
Feature: Excellent resistance to aging, fuels, lubricants, acids, electrical properties ,lowest friction. Specification: inner diameter can be from 2mm to 50mm, minimum wall thickness can be 1mm
Typical size: 1/8" ID, 1/4"ID, 5/16"ID, 3/8"ID, 4*7mm, 3*6mm, 5*10mm, 6*10mm, 9*14mm, 10*14mm Structure: pure PTFE hose/ outer fiber or SS wire braided.
Application: As transfer hose used under frequency situation, corrosivity medium, lubriation material, acids. Length: 50meters/coil, 100meters/coil or other length