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Promote fluorine rubber industry into high way
      In recent years, the rapid development of China's automobile industry moved to the demand of fluorine rubber.However, fluorine rubber new capacity extension expansion type, single source technology, high performance special product, the key of common technology and application research into lack, and the result will inevitably lead to the price of a product of vicious competition.In the middle of July held 2008 special rubber and thermoplastic elastomer market and application technology conference, experts called for, the national government departments should guide enterprises to strengthen development strategy, strengthen macro-control, to promote fluorine rubber industry development and growth as soon as possible.

¡¡¡¡Fluorine rubber excellent chemical properties, mainly used for various requirements of the resistance to medium, high temperature resistant materials, such as the viton seal, fuel hose, tape and fuel tank and so on, because of its unsubstitutable and widely used in automobiles, oil, chemical and mechanical industries.Of these, 60% to 70% of the fluorine rubber used in automobile industry.

¡¡¡¡In the 1950 s began to develop fluorine rubber, before the 90 s, fluorine rubber is mainly used in military field.Since the late 90 s, China's automotive industry of high and new technology such as the fast development of fluorine rubber industry has played a key role in driving, a few short years, fluorine rubber consumption growth by many times.In the tenth-five period, fluorine rubber with annual capacity of 300 tons from increased to 3000 tons, 2007 tons, it is estimated that by 2010, fluorine rubber production capacity will reach 10000 tons.

¡¡¡¡Our country fluorine rubber faced with good opportunity of development.From market level, at present our country has become the second only to the United States the second largest car producer and consumer.The auto industry progress of technology, and the requirements of environmental protection, increase fluorine rubber industry development provides very big development space.At the same time, aerospace, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery and the development of the industry for fluorine rubber demand has also increased.In addition, with fluorine rubber production continues to expand, the product price also gradually to drop, the application of fluorine rubber played a role.It is estimated that by 2010, domestic to fluorine rubber total demand will reach 10000 tons.

¡¡¡¡From a technical level, industrial production bottleneck, environmental protection bottlenecks have breakthrough, this also is fluorine rubber products can go out of the country, one of the main reasons.In addition, the faster application technology promotion, is also the foundation of fluorine rubber driving force.

¡¡¡¡Our country fluorine rubber faced development opportunities at the same time, also faces serious challenges.One is compared with foreign countries, and product variety and application technology has the big gap.Foreign fluorine rubber has more than 50 varieties, and domestic currently only 10 varieties. Secondly, it is fluorine rubber evaluation system to be perfect, at present the standard of fluorine rubber or enterprise standards, not form a industry or the national standardThree is to test method and abroad is larger than gap.Four is affected by processing technology limited, the obstacle of the application is not effective breakthroughAt present, the domestic fluorine rubber mainly used for all kinds of seal miscellaneous, and technology, quality, production efficiency requirements of high oil seal, the fuel pipe, crank shaft products in the market are controlled by foreign giants, plus the automobile industry of the recall system generated great technology, cost risk, making the original accessories market rarely use of domestic glue directly.Five is the biggest challenge from within the industry, technology and quality did not improve, causing the product price of vicious competition.

¡¡¡¡At present, our country fluorine rubber industry has appeared general level product surplus, high-end products rely on import phenomenon, fluorine rubber actual output has exceeded the market demand.To this, the expert reminds, the important thing is to improve the existing production enterprise technology level and product quality, and in the new product development and application research fluctuation kongfu, not just expand the scale of production, or is at the low end of the product competition on the big price war.Experts also suggest the government departments concerned should strengthen strategic research, to the enterprise to the correct guidance and strengthen fluorine rubber development strategy, strengthen macro-control, avoid to cause the bad malignant competition situation, do overall plan scientific, rational layout.In addition, experts also hope that domestic fluorine rubber research and production unit and application to strengthen cooperation and application technology manufacturer, promote our country's fluorine rubber industry grow as soon as possible.