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why common rubber parts is not workable for bio fuel
Bio fuel is becoming a import fuel for cars, and the mixed fule is widely used now, such as 20% bio fuel.  Bio fuel has its advantage compared to traditional oil, it is more clean and enviroment frendly. As bio fuel can be produced by wast food oil, vegetable and other plant, its cost alwasy lower than traditional oil.
If the bio fuel is added into the cars, the rubber parts will have risk, such as fuel tubing, rubber O ring, oil seal and other rubber parts.  Because common rubber is made by NBR for fuel tubing, and NBR can not resist bio fuel for long, the NBR tubing will sweel under bio diesel situation.  So we need to change the fuel line if we want to use bio fuel.  Viton rubber has excellent resistance to bio fuel, once we changed the fuel ine with viton rubber line, it will handle bio fuel well.
Also for oil seal , rubber rings and rubber seals, if they face bio diesel directly, we should connfirm the parts is made by viton or HNBR. Viton seal and viton ring is best choice.